Volume 2   Number 1      Fall 2007

The Origins of Autism: A Commentary on Muratori & Maestro’s “Autism as a Downstream Effect of Primary Difficulties in Intersubjectivity Interacting with Abnormal Development of Brain Connectivity” 
John Barresi
Dalhousie University, Canada
pp. 119-124   (pdf)
ABSTRACT. Muratori & Maestro (2007, this issue) provide a fascinating investigation into the possible origins of autism and how it may begin to show itself during the first year of life. However, one could hope for greater clarity on how the variety of hypotheses that they consider relate to each other and to the origins and development both of autism and of the dialogical self. In this commentary I support a neurological hypothesis on the origin for autism and provide an information processing account of the development of autistic difficulties in social interactions and in forming a conception of the dialogical self.