Volume 2   Number 1      Fall 2007

On the Gains and Losses of Metaphors: A Commentary on Bamberg & Zielke’s
“Developmental Inquiry and Where to Look for It”
Gabriele Lucius-Hoene
University of Freiburg, Germany
pp. 243-248   (pdf)
ABSTRACT. The commentary takes up some of Bamberg and Zielke's (2007, this issue) points of discussion of the concept of dialogicality in the "dialogical self", mainly their critique of building in the notion of dialogue into the self. The status of the self in the "dialogical self" concept, its origin in Bakhtin's metaphorism, and dilemmas in the narrative constitution of self and identity are discussed. The main argument focuses on the problems and critical aspects which arise when Bakhtin's metaphor of the "polyphonous voices" is reified in the construction of the "dialogical self". Furthermore, Bamberg and Zielke's notion that narrators have to take a position towards three dilemmas of narrative identity construction is questioned.