Volume 2   Number 1      Fall 2007

What Can the Assimilation Model Learn from the Identity Positions Interview and What Can It Teach? A Commentary on Cunha’s “Constructing Organization Through Multiplicity”
William B. Stiles
Miami University, Oxford (OH), USA
pp. 317-324   (pdf)
ABSTRACT. In this dialogue between the assimilation model and the Identity Positions Interview (IPI), the two theories make suggestions for how the other might be improved and how the two might become more compatible. The assimilation model points out that the IPI might gain a more differentiated view by incorporating a developmental sequence into its structure. The IPI responds by pointing out how the assimilation model could be studied systematically using IPI procedures. The IPI also presents case examples that pose theoretical puzzles for the assimilation model, such as the active and systematic avoidance of seemingly mild problems.