Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Voices of Self in the Therapeutic Chronotope: Utushi and Ma
Masayoshi Morioka
Kobe University, Japan
pp. 93-108   (pdf)

ABSTRACT. The boundary zone between self and other in the therapeutic conversation has an essential characteristic where meaning is constructed and re-constructed. In this paper the author discussed about the peculiarity of new meaning making in therapeutic conversation from the view point of two forms of dialogicality—the sequential and the simultaneous. In the space of Dialogical Self, there is continuous conversation from self to self. When one creates such self-talk, a distance will appear between voices of the self. The sense of tonus, the changing process of tension felt in the dialogue occurs basically from the dynamism of self-to-self and self-to-the-other relation. The author introduced a Japanese cultural concept utushi and ma in order to evoke further discussion of the meaning making process and the construction of therapeutic chronotope.


Keywords: utushi, ma, tonus, chronotope, therapy, tension