Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Utushi and Ma: Infusing Two Japanese Concepts in Western Psychotherapy (Commentary on Morioka)
Tracy D. Eells
University of Louisville, USA
William B. Stiles
Miami University, USA
pp. 115-122

ABSTRACT The cultural problem described by Morioka (2008)  and his concepts of utushi and ma are compared and contrasted to western concepts that convey somewhat overlapping meaning.  These include inner critic, underdog voices, identification, projective identification, and organismic valuing process.  Morioka's ideas are linked to the work of Rogers, Cooley, Mead, and Lewin.  We discuss how utushi and ma might be studied empirically.  We find them to be refreshing, new concepts that may point to phenomena that are active ingredients in psychotherapy.


Keywords:  inner critic, underdog voices, identification, projective identification organismic valuing process