Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Voices of the Self as Therapeutic Resources (Commentary on Morioka)
Maria Elisa Molina
Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
Maria Teresa del Río
Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile
pp. 131-142

ABSTRACT  Therapy can be considered as a dialogue in which an ongoing process is portrayed between I-positions of therapist and client displayed at a certain moment. This dialogue can be analyzed focusing on the simultaneity of I-  positions that participate and focusing on sequential presentation of I-positions and its evolving therapeutic exchange.  In an attempt to elaborate on some concepts presented by Masayoshi Morioka (2008), this commentary reflects on psychotherapy and the role of the psychotherapist from a sociogenetic perspective. A proposal of what should be the basic features of a dialogical therapy is offered. Therapy is intended to stress on temporal dimension as reconstructive experiencing for both therapist and client in which semiotic mediation is at the core of the processing phenomenon. From a dialogical approach therapist shifts self-positions and provokes dynamics of tension, ambivalence and distancing.


Keywords:  I-positions, tension, dialogical therapy