Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Conversation Replaces the Temporal Sense
Masayoshi Morioka
Kobe University, Japan
pp. 155-164   (pdf)

ABSTRACT. According to the five commentaries (Kim, Eells & Stiles, Rosenbaum, Molina & del Rio, and Gratier), the author tries to clarify the main cultural concept of utushi and ma. The work of utushi is discussed in its four aspects-- in terms of affect, mimesis, reflection and cognitive change. Ma activates a proto-conversation that involves the tonus—a subtle sense of change on body sensation-- in the therapeutic relationship. These concepts are useful for discussing the creative function of dialogical self, especially the positioning of the other, the control of the self, and the temporal flow in the therapeutic relationship.  


Keywords: utushi, ma, tonus, dialogical space, temporal sense, affect, mimesis, cognitive change, chronotope