Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Anthropology and Dialogical Theory: Converting the Conversation on the Processual Self (Commentary on van Meijl)
Benjamin Zablinski
Clark University, USA
pp. xxxx   (pdf)
ABSTRACT. The supplementation of anthropological theory with dialogical self theory and vice versa is elaborated upon through discussion of Toon van Meijl's article, "Culture and Identity in Anthropology."  Contemporary conceptions of self in dialogical and anthropological theory are critically viewed in light of globalization's ubiquitous influence.  The assertion of disunity and uncertainty as defining characteristics of the self in the face of globalization is critically examined, giving way to a self best analyzed processually.  
Keywords:  anthropology, dialogical self, globalization, intercultural contact zones, processual self, interdisciplinary research.