Volume 3   Number 1      Fall 2008

Talking to Ourselves and Others: Shimcheong, Ubuntu, and All That Jazz (Commentary on Choi and Han)
Puleng Segalo & Martin Terre Blanche

University of South Africa
pp. 249-254   (pdf)
ABSTRACT For many years people have been classified as being either individualistic or collectivistic.  However with processes such as acculturation and globalization, the lines are beginning to blur as people are exposed to different cultures and ways of doing things change.  In this paper, which is a response to “Shimcheong Psychology: A Case of Cultural Emotion for Cultural Psychology” by Sang-Chin Choi and Gyuseog Han, we discuss the merits and risks of employing cultural concepts such as shimcheong in the current global context. We compare shimcheong to the South African concept of ubuntu,  pointing to various similarities and differences. We conclude by suggesting that further work on concepts such as shimcheong and ubuntu could emulate the artistic and intellectual tradition that is represented by jazz. The paper is presented as a video discussion between the two authors  
Keywords:  shimcheong, ubantu, we-ness