Volume 4   Number 1      Fall 2010

Dialogue, Monologue, and Change of Perspective
Małgorzata Puchalska-Wasyl
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland)
pp. 67-79

ABSTRACT. Dialogicality is not a new topic in psychology. Recently, however, Hubert Hermans’ conception of the dialogical self has contributed to a growth of interest in the issue. Some studies allow one to speculate that this broad phenomenon is not homogeneous. Within internal dialogical activity, at least 3 subgroups of processes can be distinguished: (1) the monologue, (2) the dialogue, and (3) a change of perspective. In this paper it is stated that, generally, there are seven meta-functions fulfilled by internal dialogicality, namely Support, Substitution, Exploration, Bond, Self-Improvement, Insight and Self-Guidance. Additionally, this study confirmed the legitimacy of the theoretical distinction between dialogue, monologue, and a changing point of view by showing their functional differentiation


Keywords: dialogical self, internal dialogue, monologue, changing perspective, imaginary interlocutor