Volume 4   Number 1      Fall 2010

Explorations in the Discursive Mind: Theoretical Model
Katarzyna Stemplewska-Źakowicz
Helena Chodkowska University of Management and Law (Warsaw)
Dorota Kobylińska & Hubert Suszek
Warsaw University
Bartosz Szymczyk
Helena Chodkowska University of Management and Law (Warsaw)
pp. 81-94

ABSTRACT. In the article we describe the model of discursive architecture of mind, which expresses the ideas of DST in more cognitive terms and adapts it to experimental research. We show how is this model connected to many contemporary approaches to human mind and/or personality and explain why we think the model is unique and needed. The model is based on 3 assumptions. They refer to: 1) the modular character of the cognitive system; 2) the social origin of one’s knowledge structures; 3) the specificity of the knowledge structures for the social context from which they stem. For the presented discursive model of the mind the question of subject of knowledge is essential and can be justly posed referring to every piece of knowledge stored in every particular person’s mind.



Keywords: discursive mind, dialogical self, positioning, I-position, shared knowledge, cognitive representation, cognitive-affective resources, discursive resources