Volume 4   Number 1      Fall 2010

Explorations in the Discursive Mind: Research
Hubert Suszek &
Dorota Kobylińska
Warsaw University
Katarzyna Stemplewska-Źakowicz & Bartosz Szymczyk
Helena Chodkowska University of Management and Law (Warsaw)
pp. 95-122

ABSTRACT.  A growing body of research investigates various aspects of the dialogical self theory and the concept of positioning. However, the majority of these studies are qualitative in nature and the empirical verification of fundamental assumptions which form the basis of the dialogical self theory is largely lacking. We review a series of newly conducted experiments which provide preliminary evidence for the hypothesis that the mind is dialogically structured and that each I-position is represented in a separate representation module, shaped in a particular social context. By experimentally activating different I-positions it is possible to demonstrate their effects on various cognitive processes and behaviour.



Keywords: discursive mind, dialogical self, positioning, I-position, shared knowledge, cognitive representation, cognitive-affective resources, discursive resources