Volume 4   Number 2     Winter 2010

Positioning and Personality Traits in the Five Factor Model
Bartosz Szymczyk
Helena Chodkowska University of Management and Law (Warsaw)

pp. 35-59

ABSTRACT. The assumption that I-positions are fairly independent provokes the question about the extent of this independence. I try to investigate whether changing the activated I-position influences the personality, because if it is so, Bakhtin’s (1984) notion of “voice as a speaking personality” is less metaphorical then has been thought. Changing I-positions is a process of positioning. In this research I do not concentrate on interactive mutual positioning, but on a virtual kind of this phenomenon to see how well can one position himself/herself using only imagination and writing. By choosing different methods of experimental positioning it is possible to observe changes in the personality traits. This shows the importance and effectiveness of positioning as a social influence tool.


Keywords: discursive mind, dialogical self, positioning, I-position, personality, Big Five, Five Factor model, personality traits