Volume 6   Number 2     Fall 2012

Authoring Ambivalence: E-Mail Journals and the Membranes of Communication on Identity (Commentary on Dillon, 2012)

Olga V. Lehmann-Oliveros
Universidad de La Sabena, Colombia
pp. 35-43

ABSTRACT: Dillon (2012) attempts to demonstrate that e-mail journals well function as part of narrative methodologies for the study adolescents’ identity. From a dialogical approach, she identifies diverse voices for authoring the self, which gives an account of the tensions between success and social acceptance. Processes of identity – decision making and sensemaking – may occur with higher intensity among persons considered “gifted”. But, even if their intellectual development is asynchronous (Webb, Amend, Webb, Goerss, Beljan, & Olenchal, 2004), some of their trajectories could be synchronic, in relation to other adolescents, such as future planning, self-discovery and goal achievement motivation. I discuss self-making in adolescence by means of semiotic mediation within the ambivalence of past interpretations and future planning, and the inner-outer nature of the self within the borders mind and society.


KEYWORDS: ambivalence, sensemaking, decision making, self-making, adolescence, giftedness