Volume 7   Number 1     Springs 2013

Teacher Identity and Dialogue: A Comment on Van Rijswijk, Akkerman, & Koster

Willem Wardekker
VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
pp. 61-65

ABSTRACT. Van Rijswijk et al. limit themselves to a descriptive interpretation of dialogism: they have analysed the form of the student discourses, but they have given scant attention to the normative side. The question remains as to whether, for instance, the students have developed an identity that is itself prone to either a more authoritative or a more dialogical teaching style. It would be interesting to see whether they have developed an openness to differences, are themselves able to ask critical questions, can encourage the asking of such questions by their students, and/or whether they have a critical perspective on the world of education. These aspects are absent in the present analysis of Van Rijswijk et al.


KEYWORDS: dialogism, teacher identity, normative approach