Volume 7   Number 1     Springs 2013

Taking the (Next) Leap: Meta to Promoter Positions in Professional Identity Formation (Comment on Leijen & Kullasepp)

Annemie Winters
Catholic University Leuven, The Netherlands
pp. 87-90

ABSTRACT. Leijen and Kullasepp show hat the support seminars they developed were partly useful (as not all students were able to identify and solve tensions between personal and professional positions and thus come to an integration), but need to be developed further. This development needs to include an integration of perspectives whereby the tensions between different I-positions and any linked meta-positions are categorized and then debriefed. This would lead to teacher/mentor interventions aimed at having students formulate a promoter-position as a form of higher-order integration with regards to their personal and professional selves.


KEYWORDS: integration of I-positions, dialogue, positioning