Volume 7   Number 1     Springs 2013

Freire, Bakhtin, and Collaborative Pedagogy: A Dialogue with Students and Mentors

Trevor Thomas Stewart & Greg McClure
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC (USA)
pp. 91-108

ABSTRACT. Hermans (2001) has argued that an individual’s social position within an organization creates situations where “some people have more opportunity to take the role of power holder than do others” (p. 265). The authors have embraced this concept and engaged in Self-study to examine their teaching experiences to develop an understanding of the ways in which dialogue between students, teachers, and their theoretical mentors can make teaching and learning a more collaborative and equitable effort. This article focuses on how engaging in philosophical dialogue with mentors and viewing students as co-creators of knowledge and pedagogy can enhance teaching and learning and nourish teachers who are working through the constraints teachers encounter as a result of Standards Era policies.


KEYWORDS: dialogue, co-creation, collaboration