A B O U T  T H E  J O U R N A L     Journal Structure        1st Posted: 04.29.2005 Revised: 05.09.2005

Each issue will generally conform to the following format and structure:

1. Regular articles
      (a) Theoretical
      (b) Empirical
      (c) Applied / Intervention / Policy
2. Research reports
3. Forum: Discussions, Commentaries and rejoinders
4. Book reviews
5. Bulletin board: Upcoming conferences, funding sources, positions, and Society news
6. Book and journal advertisements

To meet the interdisciplinary demands of the journal, the editors facilitate progress and interchange by bringing together scholars from various fields who do not normally communicate with one another. This is realized by providing a non-partisan forum within which scholars from various psychological subdisciplines and related disciplines (e.g., sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, political science, philosophy, brain sciences) can communicate their findings and get acquainted with other fields in which the notion of the dialogical self and related concepts have relevant parallels. The journal presents state-of-the-art material not available elsewhere, disseminates knowledge worldwide and gives an equal opportunity for the various approaches and methodologies to be presented.