Volume 1   Number 1      Spring 2006 

Practice, Agency, and Sociality: An Orthogonal Reading of Classical Pragmatism (Commentary on Wiley)
Vincent Colapietro
The Pennsylvania State University
pp. 23-31  [pdf     doc] 
ABSTRACT. The author offers an orthogonal reading of American pragmatism to that put forth in Norbert Wiley's "Pragmatism and the Dialogical Self." He stresses practice, agency, and sociality in different ways than does Wiley as well as characterizes pragmatism in terms of its opposition to intuitionism, foundationalism, theoreticism, and dualism. This reading provides a thicker recontextualization than does Wiley in his article, allowing us to see how pragmatism might be of even greater use to social theorists.  
Keywords: Pragmatism, Cartesianism, fallibilism, subjectivity, agency, dialogical self, social theory, everyday life