Volume 1   Number 1      Spring 2006 

Interpersonal Cognition And The Relational Self: Paving The Empirical Road For Dialogical Science
Maya Sakellaropoulo and Mark W. Baldwin
McGill University
pp. 47-66 [pdf     doc] 
ABSTRACT. Research into the dynamics of interpersonal cognition has established a number of principles governing thought processes before, during, and after a social interaction. We begin this article by reviewing these principles, including the representation of interpersonal knowledge, the activation of interpersonal knowledge in the mind through both conscious and unconscious means, and the important role attention plays in these processes. We then summarize examples of the successful modification of some of these habits of thinking about social knowledge. In this manner we hope to contribute to the development of dialogical science by providing an overview of potentially useful research findings and methodological strategies from which dialogical scientists may draw.  
Keywords: dialogical self, interpersonal cognition, social interaction, attention