Volume 1   Number 1      Spring 2006 

Who Shares the "shared reality"? A Brief Commentary on
Sakellaropoulo and Baldwin's "Interpersonal Cognition and the Relational Self"
Katarzyna Stemplewska-Zakowicz
Warsaw School of Social Psychology
pp. 67-70 [pdf     doc] 
ABSTRACT. In the paper of Sakellaropoulo and Baldwin an implicit assumption is made that shared reality (Hardin & Higgins, 1996) equals harmony among inner voices. This commentary focuses on another possible way of providing the concept of shared reality with dialogical meaning. It is argued that shared reality of a certain interpersonal relation that a person has in the outer world becomes the building timber of a corresponding I-position in her or his inner world. Within such dialogical meaning of the construct of shared reality an important element of the original meaning can be preserved, according to which shared reality is basically an interpersonal phenomenon.  
Keywords: dialogical self, shared reality