Volume 1   Number 1      Spring 2006 

Many Voices Generated From Different Positions
Makes For A Boisterous Self: A Commentary On Stemplewska-Zakowicz, Walecka and Gabinska
Maya Sakellaropoulo and Mark W. Baldwin
McGill University
pp. 95-98 [pdf     doc] 
ABSTRACT. Stemplewska-Zakowicz, Walecka and Gabinska describe a novel empirical examination of one of the basic premises of Dialogical Self theory; namely, whether different I-positions produce different self-narratives. Their analysis led them to discover several interesting findings, some of which stem directly from dialogical self theory and some of which are more surprising. Stemplewska-Zakowicz and colleagues' article therefore calls attention to several important distinctions between I-positions, including the distinction between explicit versus implicit positioning, as well as comparisons among I-positions, including distinguishable differences in the content as well as the formal characteristics of the self-narratives generated by different I-positions. The authors should be commended for embarking on the challenging empirical journey into the dialogical self.  
Keywords: Dialogical Self, Dialogical Science, Implicit, Explicit, Positioning, Relational Self