Volume 1   Number 1      Spring 2006 

On the 'inner Alter' in Dialogue
Ivana Marková
University of Stirling
pp. 125-148 [pdf     doc] 
ABSTRACT. Although internal dialogue and inner speech form essential part of communication, it has not been given much attention in studies of interaction and language. This article suggests that the basic unit of dialogical epistemology, the triad Ego-Alter-Object/representation could be conceptually relevant to dialogical subjectivity. It proposes that internal dialogue involves different kinds of symbolically and socially represented inner Alter. Giving examples of internal dialogue and its features, this article argues for the study of dialogical phenomena in their complexity and multiplicity, whether these are involved in language, communication, subjectivity or in social representations.  
Keywords: dialogicality, inner dialogue, Ego-Alter, dialogical epistemology