Volume 6   Number 1     Spring 2012

Relational and Organizational Value of Self-Positions (Commentary)
Maria Francesca Freda
Raffaele De Luca Picione
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
pp. 51-60

ABSTRACT. In this paper the authors propose a reflection on the relational value of the self-position-construct. They elaborate on contributions coming from “The dependent self in Narcissistic Personality Disorder: a dialogical analysis” (Salvatore, Carcione, & Dimaggio, 2012) and “How about you? Building stones for a dialogical self therapy for children” (Doorn & Nijnatten, 2012).  In analyzing these contributions the authors notice how a dialogue conduced from a self-position does not only define identity, but organizes relations with others and with context as well. For this reason the identity and relational value of a self-position can be considered two faces of the same coin. This is supported with reflections on the concept of positioning, of how to intend emotionality it and on the role of language in human relations. With this contribution we propose to appreciate the clinical application that the self-position construct can offer to the development of relations and increasing of opportunities of choice of the subjects.

Keywords: I-position, emotion, relation