Volume 6   Number 1     Spring 2012

Dialogic Discourse Analysis of Psychotherapeutic Dialogue: Microanalysis of
     Relevant Psychotherapy Episodes

Claudio Martinez
Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Alemka Tomicic
Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
Lorena Medina
Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
pp. 99-121

ABSTRACT. This paper shows a microanalysis of episodes of therapeutic change and ruptures of the alliance using Dialogic Discourse Analysis as a method that makes it possible to detect discursive strategies in psychotherapeutic dialogue. Four relevant episodes, two of therapeutic change and two of ruptures of the alliance, from different sessions of a long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy were analyzed using a qualitative methodology. Results showed linguistic features of change and rupture. In the latter, linguistic markers were identified, which highlighted the connection between the rupture of the alliance, its resolution, and change. The use and advantages of this microanalytic method are discussed.


Keywords: Dialogic discourse analysis, microanalysis, psychotherapy process research