Volume 6   Number 1     Spring 2012

The Carnal Self Expanding the Dialogical Self (Commentary)
Rose Traversa
Universitá degli Studi 'Aldo Moro' di Bari, Italy

pp. 185-199

ABSTRACT. Dialogical theory is a helpful frame of reference for psychotherapy research, which provides a perspective for the study of psychotherapy process in terms of meaning construction and exchange. This paper will firstly review the basic features of the dialogical approach to the theory of Self and of the process of psychotherapy, as taken into account in the papers by Avdi (2012), Gonçalves and Ribeiro (2012), Martínez, Tomicic and Medina (2012), and Leiman (2012). On the whole, the authors use the term “dialogical” with reference to a general theory of therapeutic change. The implications of such an use of the dialogical concept will be discussed, with special focus on how the relationship between intrapsychic and intersubjective dimensions are taken into account, both at the levels of theory and methodology of analysis of the psychotherapy process.