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The International Journal for Dialogical Science (IJDS) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication sponsored by the International Society for Dialogical Science (ISDS) and distributed digitally at this Web site.

ISSN 1556-1720
IJDS News & Announcements

[](Belated) New Issue of IJDS (Vol. 9, Issue 1, Fall 2015) at this link
A new (belated) issue of the IJDS has been published at this link. It includes both a special issue section of five papers on "Eastern Perspectives on the Dialogical Self" (guest edited by Shaima Ahammed & Isaac Cherian) as well as two regular articles: Jan Grimell (Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) describes "A Traditional Narrative of Military Identity: Eric's Story) while Ingvild Folkvord (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Marion Lauscke (Humboldt University Berlin) analyze "The Materiality of the Body Speaking Its Mother Tongue: About Dialogues and Phenomena of Resonance."

[] Newest issue of IJDS (Vol. 8, Issue 1, Spring, 2014) has been published and is now available at this link
The newest issue of the IJDS (Vol. 8. No. 1, Spring, 2014) contains two articles and one book review. Norbert Wiley (University of Illinois-Urbana) examines "Chomsky's Anomaly: Inner Speech" while Jacok K. Farnsworth (University of North Texas) provides a broad analysis of "Dialogical Tensions in Heroic Masculinity and Military-related Moral Injury." Marius Wolonciej (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland) reviews Hermans & Gieser's (2012) Handbook of Dialogical Self Theory.

[] New Associate Editor Appointed: Dr. Eugenie Georgaca
A new Associate Editor of the IJDS has been appointed. She is Prof. Eugenie Georgaca who serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Georgaca has a broad set of interests in the field of mental health with a focus upon serious mental disorders, the role of social and cultural factors in their development and treatment, and the use of dialogical approaches in psychotherapy. She is replacing Dr. Giancarlo Dimaggio who has ably served the journal from its foundation and contributed so effectively to advancing our understanding of psychotherapeutic processes from the vantage of dialogical self theory.

[] Note that this journal follows an unusual but innovative policy for authors to become members of ISDS:

Acceptance and publication of a paper or commentary in the journal automatically leads to membership of the ISDS. This policy has the advantage that membership is directly dependent on the scientific and professional interest and qualities of the person who submits a manuscript. Another advantage is that there is no obligation to pay any dues. In this way the journal maintains an open character with a simultaneous guarantee of the quality of the papers by peer-reviewed procedures.


The IJDS invites authors to submit manuscripts for consideration for future issues of the journal. Please click on this link to review the guidelines for such submissions.

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