Volume 10   Number 2     Fall 2017

Extending social representation theory through dialogical self theory: Subjects' and alters' relating with space

Dany Boulanger (a)
Aalborg University, Denmark & Catholic University of Salvador, Brazil

pp. 9-33

Abstract. This paper aims to express both the static and the dynamic way that Moscovici conceives of the spatial dimension and defines subject (i.e., representers, people who represent reality) and alter (i.e., person represented by representers) in relation to their space. I set the dialogical self theory in a constructive (future-oriented) zone of theoretical innovation to provide some extensions to the social representation theory with respect to Moscoviciís work, by focusing particularly on personal anchoring by means of positioning. I illustrate my theoretical avenues by referring to school-family relationship.


Keywords: space, social representation, dialogical self, positioning, anchoring, school-family relationship, alter