Volume 10   Number 2     Fall 2017

Exploring Artistic Narrative Forms to Expand the Study of the Dialogical Self

Brena Carvalho
Universidade Federal da Bahia

Ana Cecília Bastos
Universidade Católica do Salvador/Universidade Federal da Bahia

pp. 153-159

Abstract. The basic notion of narrative is based on verbal discourse the study of which has prevailed in psychological research. Monuments, music, drawing, and painting have also been recognized as narratives. Lanaridis (2017) discusses music as narrative, reaching beyond traditional boundaries of psychology within which human experience is considered, and exploring new possibilities for the empirical research on the Self. While Lanaridis focuses on the reasons, level, and extent of the narrative capacity of music in the context of a contemporary society within the framework of Social Representation, Social Identity and Dialogical Self Theory, we discuss the particular issue of using non-verbal expressive artifacts to deal empirically with psychological phenomena.


Keywords: narratives, intersubjectivity, non-verbal expressive artifacts, Self