Volume 10   Number 2     Fall 2017

Conclusion Of Special Issue: Linking Two Theories
SRT and Dialogical Self Theory: A Dialogue Through Implicit Meta-Frames

Dany Boulanger
Aalborg University, Denmark & Catholic University of Salvador, Brazil

pp. 193-222

Abstract. The relationship between person and environment is repeatedly presented as an important epistemological issue underlying many theories in human and social sciences, including the social representation theory (SRT) and the dialogical self theory (DST). The participants in this Special Issue relate DST and SRT by referring to the relationship between the Self and the environment. They do this around meta-frames that seem to organize their texts or discourses in an implicit way. Taking an ecological approach, I name three implicit meta-frames underlying the contents of the different papers in this Special Issue. I do this by examining how space and time are implicitly depicted in the relationship between the Self and the environment. I also suggest an elaborated third model by referring to distance and time irreversibility.


Keywords ecology, space, time, social representation theory, dialogical self theory, distance, time irreversibility