Volume 9   Number 1     Fall 2015

How to Create Ma–The Living Pause–in the Landscape of the Mind: The Wisdom
   of Noh Theater

Masayoshi Morioka
Kobe University, Japan

pp. 81-95

ABSTRACT. In this research, the author explores the characteristics of zone of contact in therapeutic conversation. The transitional psychic space between Me and Mine is the basis on which the landscape of the mind develops the I-positioning of the dialogical self. In further discussion, the author quotes notes from the dramaturgical theory of Zeami, who established traditional Japanese Noh theatre. Concepts related to ma are examined. The results are as follows. The therapist creates ma (a “living pause”), which connects one mind to another; this reflects the moment of senu-hima (“no-action”) in Noh theatre. Change in psychotherapy includes a process of distancing oneself from oneself; this resembles the concept of riken (“detached seeing”). The concept of sho-shin (first intent) in Noh theatre may be experienced in the moment at which spontaneous responsiveness emerges in the dialogical relationship



Keywords: distancing the self, zone of contact, dialogical uncertainty, Noh theatre, ma