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Volume 9   Number 1     Fall 2015


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Special Issue: Eastern Perspectives on the Dialogical Self

Guest edited by Shaima Ahammed & Isaac Cherian

Toward a Synthesis of Consciousness and Dialogue: An Introduction to the Special Issue
  on Dialogical and Eastern Perspectives of Self
     Shaima Ahammed & Isaac Cherian
From Reified Self to Being Mindful: A Dialogical Analysis of the MSBR Voice
     Michelle H. Mamberg & Thomas Bassarear
Dialogical and Eastern Perspectives on the Self in Practice: Teaching Mindfulness-based
     Stress Reduction in Philadelphia and Seoul
     Donald McCown & Heyoung Ahn
     (A commentary-review on this article by Rens van Loon can be found below)
39-80 [abstract] [pdf]
How to Create ma – the Living Pause – in the Landscape of the Mind: The Wisdom
   of Noh Theater
     Masayoshi Morioka
Children as Carers for their Siblings in Indian Families: Using Dialogical Self Theory
   to Examine Children's Narratives
     Shipra Suneja, Nandita Chaudhary & Bhanumathi Sharma
Buddhism, Dialogical Self Theory, and the Ethics of Shared Positions
     Basia D. Ellis & Henderikus J. Stam

Regular Articles
A Transitional Narrative of Military Identity: Eric's Story
     Jan Grimell
The Materiality of the Body Speaking Its Mother Tongue: About Dialogues and
   Phenomena of Resonance
     Ingvild Folkvord & Marion Lauschke

Commentary and Review of McCown and Ahn’s (2015) "Dialogical and Eastern Perspectives on the Self in
   Practice: Teaching Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction in Philadelphia and Seoul” (this issue)
     Rens van Loon

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