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Volume 7   Number 1     Spring 2013



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Special Issue: Education and the Dialogical Self

Frans Meijers, Guest Editor

Monologue to Dialogue: Education in the 21st Century (Introduction to the Special Issue)
     Frans Meijers

1-10 [Abstract]
School Culture, Struggling Adolescent Readers, and the Dialogical Self
     Dawan Coombs
11-36 [Abstract] [pdf]
Illiteracy: Can Dialogical Self Theory Explain and Help? (Comment on Coombs)
     Tom Luken
37-42 [Abstract] [pdf]
Student Teachers' Internally Persuasive Borderland Discourse and Teacher Identity
     M. M. Van Rijswijk, S. F. Akkerman, & B. Koster
43-60 [abstract] [pdf]
Teacher Identity and Dialogue: A Comment on Van Rijswijk, Akkerman, & Koster
     Willem Wardekker
61-65 [abstract] [pdf]
Unlocking the Potential of Conflicts: A Pilot Study of Professional Identity Development Facilitation During Initial Teacher Education
     Äli Leijen & Katrin Kullasepp
67-86 [abstract] [pdf]
Taking the (Next) Leap: Meta to Promoter Positions in Professional Identity Formation
     (Comment on Leijen & Kullasepp)
     Annemie Winters
87-90 [abstract] [pdf]
Freire, Bakhtin, and Collaborative Pedagogy: A Dialogue with Students and Mentors
     Trevor Thomas Stewart & Greg McClure
91-108 [abstract] [pdf]
A Collaborative and Writing Pedagogy: An Antidote to Demagogy
     (Comment on Stewart & McClure)
     Reinekke Lengelle
109-114 [abstract] [pdf]
Globalization, Localization, Uncertainty and Wobble: Implications for Education
     Bob Fecho
115-128 [abstract] [pdf]
Dialogical Education in a Time of Globalization: Expansion, Localization and Connection
     (Comment on Fecho)
     Gerard Wijers
129-135 [abstract] [pdf]
Regular Article
Cultural Processes Within Dialogical Self Theory: A Socio-Cultural Perspective
     of Collective Voices and Social Language
     Amrei C. Joerchel
137-155 [abstract]

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