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Special Issue: Developmental Origins of the Dialogical Self *
     Marie-Cécile Bertau & Miguel Gonçalves, Guest Editors

Looking at “Meaning as Movement” in Development: Introductory Reflections On the Developmental Origins of the Dialogical Self 
      Marie-Cecile Bertau & Miguel Gonçalves
On Abbreviation: Dialogue in Early Life 
     Maria C. D. P. Lyra
[Abstract] (pdf)
Self, Symbol, and Subject (Commentary on Lyra)
     Chris Sinha
[Abstract] (pdf)
Dialogical Change Processes, Emotions, and the Early Emergence of Self 
     Andrea Garvey & Alan Fogel
[Abstract] (pdf)
Dialogue and Co-Regulation: Using Dialogical Self Terminology in the Relational-Historical Approach (Commentary on Garvey & Fogel)
     Dankert Vedeler
[Abstract] (pdf)
Autism as a Downstream Effect of Primary Difficulties in Intersubjectivity
    Interacting with Abnormal Development of Brain Connectivity
     Filippo Muratori & Sandra Maestro
[Abstract] (pdf)
The Origins of Autism (Commentary on Muratori & Maestro)
     John Barresi
[Abstract] (pdf)
Shared Intentionality and Autism (Comment on Muratori & Maestro)
     Livia Colle & Elisa Grandi
[Abstract] (pdf)
On the Notion of Voice: A Psycholinguistic Perspective With Developmental Implications
     Marie-Cécile Bertau
[Abstract] (pdf)
On Bertau’s and Other Voices (Commentary on Bertau)
     Per Linell
[Abstract] (pdf)
Voice, Vitality, and Meaning: On the Shaping of the Infant’s Utterances In Willing Engagement with Culture (Commentary on Bertau)
     Maya Gratier & Colwyn Trevarthen
[Abstract] (pdf)
Reconceptualizing Internalization
     Noah Susswein, Maximillian B. Bibok, & Jeremy Carpendale
[Abstract] (pdf)
Constructing the Internal Infinity: Dialogic Structure of the Internalization/Externalization Process (Commentary on Susswein, Bibok, & Carpendale)
     Jaan Valsiner
[Abstract] (pdf)
From Dialogical Practices to Polyphonic Thought? Developmental Inquiry and Where to Look for It
     Michael Bamberg & Barbara Zielke
[Abstract] (pdf)
On the Gain and Losses of Metaphors (Commentary on Bamberg & Zielke)
     Gabriele Lucius-Hoene
[Abstract] (pdf)
Negotiating Motherhood: A Dialogical Approach
     Filipa Duarte & Miguel Gonçalves
[Abstract] (pdf)
We Researchers: Unquiet People Disquieting Others (Commentary on Duarte & Gonçalves)
     Lívia Mathias Simão
[Abstract] (pdf)
Constructing Organization Through Multiplicity: A Microgenetic Analysis of
    Self-Organization in the Dialogical Self
     Carla Cunha
[Abstract] (pdf)
What Can The Assimilation Model Learn from the Identity Position Interview, and What Can It Teach? (Commentary on Cunha)
     William Stiles
[Abstract] (pdf)
Regular Articles

Reading, Writing and the Transformation of Self: The Accomplishment of Literacy through the Lens of Dialogism
     Judy Lysaker
[Abstract] (pdf)
The Discourse of Empowerment: A Dialogical Self Theoretical Perspective on the Interface of Person and Institution in Social Service Settings
     Carolus van Nijnattan
[Abstract] (pdf)
Book Review

Flashes of Insight (Review of I am I: Sudden Flashes of Self-Awareness in Childhood by Dolph Kohnstamm)
     Pernille Hviid
361-364 [Abstract] (pdf)


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