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Special Issue: Culture in the Dialogical Self *
     Jean Valsiner & Gyoseog Han, Guest Editors

Editors' Introduction
Where is Culture Within the Dialogical Perspectives on the Self?
      Jaan Valsiner & Gyuseog Han

Persistent Patterns in Cultural Negotiations of the Self: Using Dialogical Self Theory
to Understand Self-Other Dynamics Within Culture
     Nandita Chaudhary
9-30 [Abstract] (pdf)  
Personhood, Self, Difference, and Dialogue (Commentary on Chaudhary)
     Susan Rasmussen
31-54 [Abstract] (pdf)
On the Nondistinction of Self and Other in the Notion of Personhood
(Commentary on Chaudhary)
     Madelene A. Sta. Maria & Gerardo L. Largoza
55-68 [Abstract] (pdf)
Are You Like This...Or Just Behave This Way? (Commentary on Chaudhary)
     Katrin Kullasepp
69-92 [Abstract] (pdf)
Voices of Self in the Therapeutic Chronotope: Utushi and Ma
     Masayoshi Morioka
93-108 [Abstract] (pdf)  
The Responses of the Other in the Therapeutic Relationship (Commentary on Morioka)
     Saeromi Kim
109-114 [Abstract] (pdf)
Utushi and Ma: Infusing Two Japanese Concepts in Western Psychotherapy (Commentary on Morioka)
     Tracy D. Eells & William B. Stiles
115-122 [Abstract]

Regulation of the Self in the Therapeutic Environment (Commentary on Morioka)
     Philip J. Rosenbaum
123-130 [Abstract]

Voices of the Self as Therapeutic Resources (Commentary on Morioka)
     Maria Elisa Molina & Maria Teresa del Río
131-142 [Abstract]

Liminal Spaces and Narratives of Voice and Body in Infant Vocal Internchange (Commentary on Morioka)
     Maya Gratier
143-154 [Abstract]

Conversation Recovers the Temporal Sense (Author's Reply)
     Masayoshi Marioka
155-164 [Abstract]

Culture and Identity in Anthropology: Reflections on 'Unity' and 'Uncertainty' in the Dialogical Self
     Toon van Meijl
165-190 [Abstract]

Anthropology and Dialogical Theory: Converting the Conversation on the Processual Self (Commentary on van Meijl)
     Benjamin Zabinski
191-204 [Abstract]

Shimcheong Psychology: A Case of an Emotional State for Cultural Psychology
     Sang-Chin Choi & Gyuseog Han
205-224 [Abstract]

Negotiating the Place of Culture and Emotion in the Dialogical Self (Commentary on Choi and Han)
     Hala W. Mahmoud
225-240 [Abstract]

The Problem  of Translation in Cross-Cultural Research on Emotion Concepts (Commentary on Choi and Han)
     Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza
241-248 [Abstract]

Talking to Ourselves and Others: Shimcheong, Ubuntu, and All That Jazz (Commentary on Choi and Han)
     Puleng Segalo & Martin Terre Blanche
249-254 [Abstract]

Shimcheong Is A Case for the First Person Psychology (Authors' Reply)
     Gyuseog Han & San-Chin Choi
255-260 [Abstract]

A Portrait of a Dialogical Self: Image Science and the Dialogical Self
     Nora Ruck & Thomas Slunecko
261-290 [Abstract]

(* 6.5 MB)
Narrativity and Image: Metaphors of the Dialogical Self and the Problem of Spatiality (Commentary on Ruck and Slunecko)
     Liliana Meira & Tiago Ferreira
291-300 [Abstract]

* * * * *
Regular Article

The Relevance of Secondness to the Psychological Study of the Dialogical Self

   Mariela Michel, Fernando Andacht, & William B. Gomes

301-334 [Abstract]

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